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Flower Art is painted in acrylics free hand, in the One Stroke Painting Technique, each item is unique. Items can be purchased at the Happy Prospector Rock and Gem Store in Agassiz, BC

Leo LaBelle has worked as an artist for over forty years. Showing from the West Coast of British Columbia Canada to the East Coast of the United States in New York. His work is found in both local and international, private and public collections.

Maxwell Newhouse Early in his youth he excelled in art. In recent years, he has become particularly noticed for his wonderfully detailed and lively folk art paintings with their whimsical themes and careful attention to the details of everyday life.

Metalanimation Check out this amazing Local Canadian Metal Sculptor, Kevin Stone. His one-of-a-kind, 3-dimensional, stainless steel sculptures are a true "wonder to behold!" Check out his website to see photos of his "Power of Flight" sculpture of an 11 foot high eagle with the 40' wing span!

Sea of Dreams is the website for a local face painting artist. Having a face painter at any celebration, from a children's birthday party to a company promotional event, is always a big hit. She is available for hire for a variety of events in the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada. Click here to view her portfolio.

This Artist is not local . . . but his art is pretty AMAZING!!

Julian Beever - 3D Sidewalk Paintings

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