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Fatigue impairment can result in performance reductions equivalent to the effects of drinking several ounces of alcohol, according to a new study led by a University of Michigan sleep researcher published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The seemingly ever-ending media coverage that makes most people aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. However, many don't realize that drowsy driving can be just as fatal. Like alcohol, fatigue impairment slows reaction time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment and increases the risk of having an accident. Someone who has not slept for 18 hours is as impaired as someone with a 50 mg% blood alcohol level.

Driver fatigue is a contributing factor in 19% and the cause in 4% of all fatal vehicle collisions. It is the cause of about 20% of non-fatal crashes. These numbers are likely conservative since there is no simple means to assess driver fatigue and drowsiness following a collision.

We need to educate ourselves on the DANGERS of Fatigue Impairment after all . . . "Knowledge IS POWER!!"

How Much do YOU Know about Sleep and Sleep Debt? . . .

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